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This is My Dorian Yates Page :
I'm very proud to present this page, because I had the unique opportunity to meet personally the best bodybuilder of the 90's, 6 times MR  OLYMPIA winner Dorian Yates. I had a bit of a chance meeting him one saturday morning in may 1998  in his GYM at Birmingham, UK. We talked about the bodybuilding and its recognition all over the world. I was very gladly surprised how warm Dorian met me. He didn't behave as if he was the god on earth, on the contrary - he was like an ordinary man to me, though I knew he wasn't. I took some free pictures of his GYM and Dorian himself and now I am glad to show those pictures to the world! Ladies and gentlemen, MR Dorian Yates :
 This is an authograph from Dorian for me.

 This is me and Dorian shaking hands.

 This is Temple Gym - Dorian's workout place.

To be continued . . .
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