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 My System's Page
Well this page doesn't have anything interesting in it, but I like it anyway...
"... huh,huh, smash it, smash the mouse..."
My system has the following parameters :
Cyrix 6x86L - PR200+ (M1), TX Pro 512 Pipeline Burst Cache, 32 MB RAM, 850 Quantum HDD, S3 Trio 32 PCI 1 MB, MITSUMI x8 CD-ROM DRIVE, 14.4 Voice/Fax Modem int. , Opti 929C 16 bit Sound Card 

It is soon to be updated so that's what it is now -  5.01.98.
I have a collection of 36 system benchmark programs, so if you are interested in anything related with that, well you know how to find me.

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